home sweet home.

It’s sometimes difficult to keep this updated. But when I really think about it there are plenty of times that I’m doing absolutely nothing productive or useful when I could be updating something here… or somewhere else… not that this is overly productive or useful…

I’ll start with today – we started getting our windows installed today! Dale, our window salesman/installer, came over today and, all by himself, installed 8 of the 15 windows that we’re getting. He didn’t get a chance to seal the windows completely on the inside or the outside yet but already we’re noticing a significant difference! The two double hung windows in our living room and the two in our kitchen were by far some of the worst in the house so having those replaced is wonderful. We’re also already noticing a difference in the behavior of our boiler as our thermostat is on the first floor. It’s turning on much less often and staying on for a shorter period of time. Honestly, with the wonderful deal we got on these windows, I think we’ll pay them off in a couple of years in heating cost savings! In order to get all 15 double hung windows replaced we went with a little cheaper vinyl option. I’ve always been a bit against vinyl windows, especially in older homes like our own, but I have to be honest with you – these windows don’t seem too bad and the fact that we got a color rather than white (we got clay, I believe) and got grids in the windows in the same places and layouts as the originals. Also, to keep with the character and style of the house, we’re not getting any of the casement windows or French doors replaced. Oh, to be a homeowner and be excited about new windows. Who knew?!

Our Christmas break was great. It was very nice to have so many days off of work and to not be at home. We have so much to do at home that even having a day off at home can feel somewhat stressful to me. We left Wednesday evening (after a day off at home) and drove to Illinois where we stayed at my dad’s house with our honey pup. Thursday was spent at my mom’s house exchanging gifts and having dinner with family. On Friday we visited Granny Weaver, I made a pie, and we enjoyed an evening of dinner and gifts with my dad’s family. That day fresh beautiful snow fell, which I greatly enjoyed! When we got home we had just slightly fewer than 5,000 gifts to open! Christmas morning we drove to my mom’s house to squeeze a few more things into the car and head to Iowa for Christmas with Tyler’s mom’s family. There we also had a mini baby shower where we got a few neat things. Before heading to Tyler’s parent’s house we went to his aunt and uncle’s to spend some time with some of his dad’s family. On Sunday we woke up for Fiala Christmas and breakfast. We had a nice day full of treats and crazy snowy dog running around fun and ended the night with a few games. On Monday morning we woke up, honey got in some more crazy snowy running around, we squished millions of things into the car, and headed back to Minnesota. Home! (for now!)

I’ll post a few photos soon.


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