sleep sheep.

unsure about the sleep sheep

Don’t mind Olive looking incredibly unsure about her Sleep Sheep. I actually have good things to say!

I was expecting to dislike the Sleep Sheep given to us by my mom at Christmas. I hadn’t had a baby yet and wasn’t really wanting anything battery operated. I still don’t know much about having a baby and I still don’t prefer battery operated baby paraphernalia but in all honesty the Sleep Sheep has been incredibly useful.

Olive is a fan of “white noise”. She calms more quickly when we say “shh shh” and she calms more quickly when the Sleep Sheep is on. I use it most nights when she’s just eaten and I want her to get to bed quickly so I can get to bed quickly, too. We occasionally use it if she takes a nap in her crib or I need to leave her for a bit while I get dressed or something of that sort.

The Sleep Sheep is a stuffed animal with a tiny speaker inside. There are four sound settings (heartbeat, rain, ocean, and whale), a volume knob, and a timer. I typically have it set on rain (heartbeat and whale kind of bother me) for 23 minutes. Occasionally Olive suddenly wakes when the sound stops. Whoops! It also has a Velcro loop on the back to fix it to the crib or whatever convenient hanging location you choose and it takes 2 AA batteries.

Thanks mom! :)

Sleep Sheep is made by Cloud B and you can learn more here.

As a gift we were given another Cloud B product – a ladybug that projects stars onto the walls and ceiling at night! We have yet to use that with Olive but Tyler and I are pretty amused by it! :)

You can purchase a Sleep Sheep from me via my Amazon shop. Just click here!!

*This post is my personal opinion based on my own experiences and was not commissioned by Cloud B*


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