wood rocks!

Last week I decided to devote some of my birthday money to a gift for Olive. I searched on Etsy for a wooden rattle for Olive as she doesn’t really have a decent rattle and I really love wooden toys of which she has none. I stumbled upon a few shops and became more and more excited by the wooden things that Olive could someday enjoy. I soon knew I was going to spend more money than I initially intended – whoops!

I settled upon a package from Wood Rocks Toys because, of course, with a package you get more for your money! Coincidentally they recently had a baby girl as well and in honor of her birth had a few wonderful packages to offer. The folks at Wood Rocks have wonderful costumer service and were incredibly kind and flexible. I came up with the most perfect little package for my tiny little Olive and I eagerly awaited it’s arrival.

Yesterday I received the package from Wood Rocks Toys.

I opened it!

Two cherry teethers. A heart and a pendant.

The rattle! Cherry, maple, and walnut.

Three vehicles. Cherry car, train, and helicopter. I’m so excited about the helicopter!

Olive can’t play with any of these things yet but I’m pretty sure she’ll enjoy them – I do! The quality seems great – the price was perfect – and they even came with a little instruction card. I high recommend Wood Rocks Toys!

*post is my own honest opinion, was not commissioned by Wood Rocks Toys*

  1. Meri said:

    These are so neat! a ha- a gift for my niece!

  2. betsy said:

    so cute! Love wood toys. They are by far my favorite and ones that can be passed down to the next generation. New follower. Hope you stop by! thecoolkidsblog.com

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