Swanson Health

I’m really excited to do my first sponsored product review! I’m about to place my order for $25 worth of Swanson Health products to try and review right here on an owl’s nest! It took me quite a while to pin down the exact products that I wanted. Hopefully they won’t take too long to arrive and it won’t take me too long to get in a good trial run with each product. I’m already impressed by the prices Swanson offers for some products that we already use. Yay Swanson!

nutritional supplements
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  1. Meri said:

    Mmm I got some delicious soyjoy bars from them as well as some great Toms of Maine. Hope you get some great stuff and I can’t wait to hear what you think :)

    • oneowl said:

      I picked out some good things – I’m excited! Even something for Olive! Stay tuned.. :)

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