i love birth!

Oh my goodness… let me tell you…

Going into the whole having a baby thing I had a bit of background knowledge about the process and had some expectations. Much of this was taken from seeing The Business of Being Born a couple of years earlier and negative stories I had heard about other people’s experiences. In general I like to think I’m a healthy person and try to make natural, logical, and somewhat educated choices. After becoming pregnant I did more “research” on the whole birth process thing which solidified much of what I had previously thought and gave me a lot more information on topics that I had previously known nothing about.

I’m a big natural birth fan, if you didn’t know. I totally understand that it’s not for everyone and doesn’t work in every situation but when it’s possible I think it should be done! I think that women really really really… really need to be encouraged that their bodies are capable of so so so so much!

I think that most women should be more educated and informed about the birthing process. So many women seem to both feel and act like they have so little to do with it. That’s not right! Regardless of wanting a natural birth, scheduled c-section, or whatever – I at least think women owe it to themselves to be more educated.

I think there are quite a few changes that need to take place in the US in the maternity world. I see it going in the right direction right now and hopefully it continues. Can I help?

While pregnant I ate up any story I could find about other women’s birth experiences. I loved reading all about it and watching it on television or in movies. I was able to squeeze in a few episodes of One Born Every Minute before Olive was born and loved it! Tyler… not so much. He thought we shouldn’t be watching it but I couldn’t help myself!

I expected that eagerness to hear birth stories to subside after having Olive but I recently realized that it has not! I am less often seeking out those stories as I’m seeking out stories that are more relevant to us right now (when babies sit up, how babies play, elimination communication, baby led weaning, and more!). BUT! When I stumble upon a birth story I get sucked right in. Good stories, bad stories, happy stories, sad stories… I want them all!

Today that has led me to wonder… should I invest in this interest further? Blog about it? Teach birthing classes? Become a doula? Or even further.. a midwife? Those are four very different things, I know. Would it be too much to say I’m passionate about the subject? Hmm.

So what do you think? Any tips? Ideas? Are you as oddly interested in birth as I am?

And here’s an elimination communication update: We caught 6 pees & 2 poos today (so far)! woah! Lots of dry diapers but lots of wet/dirty ones, too! Aaannnd.. that’s okay!

  1. Meri said:

    I think if I ever have a baby I will want to know as much as possible before I decide how things go. The less I know about things, the more anxiety I tend to have about them. So I bet I’d be a big time researcher too! I bet you’d be really good at helping others out with the process.

    • oneowl said:

      Good! :) Make sure you learn tons!

  2. judy said:

    Oh boy! You’re gonna love this! Check out spinningbabies.com. A friend of mine who just had two new grandbabies born (one good 3rd birth experience, one very bad 1st birth) put me onto this. I kept forgetting to pass it along to you. I’m all for delight-directed learning. Go with your passion, but ALWAYS acknowledge God in all your ways first to last.

  3. oneowl said:

    I’ve head of the spinning babies thing but never really looked into it. I love all of the drawings on their bellies! Thanks. :)

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