guess who is two months old?

Today Olive turned 2 months old. She also had her two month pediatrician appointment today which meant we had to get up a little early and take Tyler to work. To fill the time between dropping Tyler off and going to the appointment we went to Kohls to use a gift card and to Target in hopes of using up a gift card.

We started the day by waking up to snow! Starting a few days ago we were expecting a significant amount of snow. Absurd, right?! The forecast changed a few times and last I heard we were barely going to get any snow. I snapped this shot as I let honey out. I would have preferred to take more photos of the snow as it was heavy and clinging to the branches so beautifully! But we had to pile in the car to get Tyler to work..

I also snapped a few photos while driving…

Olive slept through Kohls. I bought her a couple of summer dresses and managed to get myself a new pair of jeans. I have never purchased such a large pair of pants for myself. But I’m not fat… I just had a baby. But really.. I was a little freaked out when the 5 didn’t fit and I had to get a 7. That’s a new one for me. Eh.

Olive did not sleep through Target. She got fussy as I was waiting at Starbucks for a mocha. We went to the family bathroom to find a wet diaper. She then peed on the big person toilet. I fed her and she decided to have a dirty diaper. So I changed her and she used the big person toilet again. :) I tried to shop a little bit but Olive protested so we slowly drove to the doctor’s office as I drank my quickly cooling mocha.

At the dr…

Olive was great at the doctor! She wasn’t fussy despite being naked, getting weighed, and prodded a bit. She has been such a wonderful baby that I had to scrounge for questions to ask the pediatrician. The only question I could come up with was this – can I clean her nose too often? Apparently yes I can… if it bleeds I’m cleaning it too often. Oh!

I described Elimination Communication to the pediatrician as she had never heard of it. She wasn’t against it but she was definitely surprised by it and somewhat skeptical (based on her facial expressions). I’m almost certain she thinks I’m weird. Especially since I followed that interaction with a somewhat awkward chat about immunizations. I have had an incredibly rough time deciding what to do about vaccines for Olive. Tyler is trusting my research and we’re talking about what I find and how I feel. Today Olive did not receive any vaccinations though she was supposed to have quite a few. For various reasons she is not getting vaccinated for hepatitis b, chicken pox, or rotavirus. At this point we’re planning to delay the others but we’re not yet sure how long. What a complicated topic.. it’s frustrating.. but also makes for some interesting research.

Olive’s two month stats:
10 lbs
22 1/4 inches

When Olive finally woke up after getting home we had a little two month photo shoot. And I had a lot of fun editing. :) Enjoy!

And some nap time in her new wrap!

  1. Meri said:

    She is so so so cute Emma! Happy two-month b-day to Olive!

  2. She is precious! I love her name, my baby girl is Olivia!!

  3. evon kishi said:

    Two-months-old already! Wow . Wow. and another Wow (and you know why I am still wowing). She is precious. I loved the snow pictures!

  4. Lizzy said:

    When she sticks out her tongue just right and squints, she looks like a cute little alien. Babies are silly.

    • oneowl said:

      haha. I like the one that looks like she’s winding up for a punch.

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