Today Olive played with two other babies.

She usually doesn’t spend too much time in her crib but I kept having to use the bathroom nearly every time I changed her (sympathy bathrooming?!) so it was an obviously easy place to set her for a minute. A minute was just about all she could tolerate each time. I think the crib mattress is a little too squishy for tummy time – she has to lift her head up extra high because her body sinks in slightly. It’s not super squishy but it’s much more so than the floor which is where we usually do some tummy play. Though the crib is better for putting mirrors in. I have a bigger square mirror in the living room but when I lean it up against stuff I’m pretty sure Olive sees more of the ceiling than she sees of herself.

Do you like her bald spot? :)

  1. judy said:

    Speaking of bald spots, earlier I commented to Hal that Olive seemed to have HIS hair line. ;-)

    • oneowl said:

      I think I asked Tyler if Olive inherited his receding hairline. :) All of the hair on the top of her head fell out but it’s grown back a bit pretty quickly. Now she has a pretty intense widow’s peak!

  2. Joe said:

    Hey I like the widows peak look! Very artsy. :-)
    Love all the pictures! Hadn’t checked in a few weeks, so was awesome to see all the new ones. Hope to be able to catch up with you guys real soon! It’s time for a visit

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