some things.

* Today Olive’s diaper was dry/clean from about 9:30am – 6:15pm. She used her “potty” throughout the day. :) But I still have to rely on timing it after she wakes up and after she eats as I can’t seem to find a single sign she needs to go!

* I’m really looking forward to hopefully getting the little green Baby Bjorn potty for her at our baby shower in Iowa later this month.

* I used my brand new Kitchen Aid mixer twice today – to make cookies and to make dumplings.

* Today I cooked dinner early so it was ready when Tyler came home. I love when that happens. We had sour beef stew. Yesterday we had a root vegetable thing. The next few days we’re having lots of beans. Next week we’re having sushi. I plan dinner. Do you?

* I think my pup needs more attention.

* I have so many projects and have done very little recently. :(

* My friend Amber, her baby boy, Olive, and I are going to have play dates at the beach this summer. We decided today. :)

* I spent quite a while today trying to figure out what lenses to buy. My goodness it’s a tough choice with a limited budget.

* Today I asked my mom 10 questions about being a mother for someone’s blog.  I was hoping it would be a chance for a nice conversation but all of her answers were really short.  :(

* Check out our friend’s blog for another perspective of our Easter adventure.

Oh, dear, cute Olive…

The end.


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