friday fancies!

Today’s Friday Fancies are things that I would love to have for my photography business, frost on flower. As these are things I fancy.. I kinda went all out… :)

1. A camera bag from Jill-e. This is the medium size in bone & black. It fits the camera body, a couple of lenses, and of course all of your accessories such as battery, memory cards, etc. $239
2. A camera strap cover from Polka Dot Bungalo on Etsy. I love the ruffles and the rosette! I have a lot of grey in my wardrobe and I think this is adorable yet subtle enough for weddings and other events. $38
3. A shootsac! This little number is pretty darn cool. It’s used in addition to your camera bag as it only holds lenses. You carry this while you’re shooting and it keeps your lenses close by for quick changes. It holds 3-6 lenses and/or other accessories. It has interchangeable covers, too, so you can look pretty cool. $179
4. This one is a little funny. I want this box from IKEA. It’s part of the Komplement system but I couldn’t find it online. As shown in this photo (from IKEA hackers) and on IKEA hackers, you can easily turn it into a soft box. Neat!

But… In real life land I need a few new lenses (asap!) and a nice, but much cheaper than $239, camera bag. And a flash. And another battery. And a new computer. Oh my.

What do you fancy these days?

  1. Meri said:

    That camera strap is really cool! It’s funny how I never even thought about a camera strap, but now I’m wanting one even though I don’t have a nice camera…

    • oneowl said:

      It’s totally unnecessary to have a pretty strap but the covers are so pretty! And it’s nicer than having big white letters on your strap advertising what camera you have.

  2. love that camera bag! currently i am fancy bright nail polish and putting all sorts of different braids in my hair. :) random i know

    • oneowl said:

      i need to give braiding a try.. i’m trying to be patient and let my hair get somewhat longish for once!

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