nursing pad review – young blood!

Last week I received new nursing pads from a shop on etsy called Young Blood for the purpose of this review!
I received the two patterns pictured below.

Let me tell you a little bit about Young Blood nursing pads:
– They’re constructed of 4 layers of super soft 100% cotton flannel, 1 layer of polyurethane laminate so you don’t leak, and a pretty 100% cotton outer layer.
– They’re about 4.25″ in diameter.
– They’re pretty! There are many different patterns offered.
– They’re machine washable.
– They’re only $3.50 a pair!!!

And let me tell you a little bit about Jenny, from Young Blood:
Jenny has a BFA in fibers/textile design from the Savannah College of Art & Design (I wish I had one of those!) and she’s at work at home momma to a little baby girl (yay!). Like me, she knew right away that she wanted to cloth diaper and started making her own so her little babe could have a cute bum! She’s been working on her diaper design ever since and now sells them, along with these nursing pads, bibs, and more, at her etsy shop, Young Blood, at craft shows, and in boutiques. Make sure you check out her shop – she’s also trade friendly! :)

I began my trial of these nursing pads after trying the Bamboobies nursing pads for one week.  I immediately noticed the difference in size.  Young Blood nursing pads are much thicker then the regular Bamboobies but still thinner than the common store bought types I have tried previously (both reusable and disposable).

I used them immediately after opening the package because I was really excited!  The nursing pads were very rigid and looked really silly through my shirt so I proceeded to wash them in hopes of softening them a bit.  It worked!  I wear pretty thin nursing bras and it was pretty easy to see the shape of the pads as well as wrinkles in the pads through my shirt if it were a form fitting shirt.  The pads seem to become softer each time I wash them and the shape seen through my shirt decreases each time.

Over the past week of wearing these nursing pads I have not leaked through or around them.  They stay in place really well and are a great size.  The flannel layers are super soft and the stitching along the edges seems to be of good quality, but I have only had them for about a week.  And I can’t forget.. they’re such a great deal!

Overall, I would suggest these nursing pads be used in thicker bras than I wear so as to avoid the weird shape and the bumps.  Personally I will be using these nursing pads at night due to their thickness and absorbency.  I suggest you pick up a pair – you can’t go wrong for $3.50!

In conclusion…

Do I recommend Young Blood nursing pads for leaky boobies?


If you wear a regular (not sleep) bra these would be great! They are perfect for overnight use!  And they’re very affordable!

I was provided a free sample from Young Blood in exchange for this review.
I was under no obligation to write a positive review of this product!!  I promise!

Look for review #3 in the nursing pad series coming next Wednesday! I hope you find this information as useful as I do! :)


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