quick update!

Our internet is back! Finally! Because of the tornado that hit Minneapolis on May 22nd we’ve been without internet since! Luckily that was the extent of the damage we received. Many of the boulevard trees on our street fell down but luckily missed houses, for the most part. The next block over and the one after that are a mess – that’s where the tornado went through. It’s crazy how close it was to us and how lucky we have been to come out of it safely. Part of our fence fell over and we found a lot of shingles, bricks, and wood in our yard.

The weekend before the tornado we drove down to Iowa for Olive’s “welcome” party as we didn’t have a baby shower pre-baby. I have a few photos of the recently born babies being held by their grandparents that I’ll share soon. And I haven’t forgotten about the mobile photos and how-to – that should be coming along, too.

Last Thursday I did a photo shoot with a young couple and their new baby girl, Trinity. Ironically she was born five days after Olive, on Olive’s due date. Here are a few highlights:















This weekend I’m doing wedding portraits and hopefully finally starting our garden. Next week I potentially have jury duty as well as the following week. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t have to go in though, because I’m at a loss for what to do with Olive. Tyler’s mom and sister are coming up next week but only until Thursday. At any other time I would absolutely enjoy being on jury duty but we don’t have a childcare network built up for Olive yet so this really stinks. Maybe you should keep your fingers crossed with me.. ?

So… unfortunately that means over the next week or so posts will probably be coming in slowly. I hope to get that mobile one up, info and photos about the tornado, and get some Friday Fancies for ya’ll to see tomorrow. :)

I hope you didn’t forget about me completely in my impromptu absence and still come back to visit even though I’ve been gone so long!!


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