four months old.

Today (Monday), Olive turned four months old. We started the day by driving Tyler to work, stopping at the post office, a nap, a bath, and a four month photo shoot! :)

We followed that up with a trip to my pre-Olive employer. We popped into the end of a weekly team meeting that I used to be a part of. It was really great to see everyone at the Bloomington office and I’m glad everyone finally got to meet Olive! Being there felt a little weird… It’s strange to suddenly stop doing something that you used to do every single day and suddenly stop seeing people that you saw every single day (minus weekends!). But… despite being weird it was also very nice! :) And then we took a quick shopping trip to Seward Co-op where a woman in the parking lot told me that I have a cute baby.

At four months Olive weighs a little over 12 pounds and she’s longer than she used to be. She hasn’t been to the doctor for a couple of months so that’s the best I can do!
She can hold her head up when on her tummy, she recently began supporting herself on her elbows, can roll onto her back from her tummy, and will occasionally roll onto her tummy from her back.
Olive tries to scoot on the floor when on her tummy but doesn’t really go anywhere, though she has been known to slowly turn in circles. If she is on a blanket she will grab on and try to use that to scoot forward.
She reaches and grabs at many things.. including my hair!
When shown two preferred toys she will reach for and take one.
She will transfer toys between hands.
Olive loves to stand up, with support. She will stand well and wiggle a bit when supported at her arms, chest, or hips. When you tilt her around she corrects her balance really quickly!
Today Olive was more excited to see herself in the mirror than usual. She was talking to herself and touching the mirror.
Olive gets very excited when I get excited! Excited usually involves a wide open mouth.
She mouths her hands and nearly every object that she picks up.
Olive will sooth herself when falling asleep by sucking on her hand. She rarely uses a pacifier but I occasionally give her one if she needs help to calm down. Today the pacifier fell out of her mouth, she picked it up, turned it around the right way, and put it back in. I was shocked!
She recently began playing with her feet and I caught her sucking on a toe a few days ago!
Olive will play independently with preferred toys when laying on her back, tummy, in her rocker, in her bumbo, or in her car seat. I think her independent play attention lasts around 10-15 minutes. Though she does get bored easily..
She whines and fake cries!
She fake laughs!
Olive imitates smiles, “raspberries”, and open mouths.
She plays back and forth with sounds.
Olive will calm to white noise and my singing songs really loudly.
She tries to get our attention by making sounds and blowing “raspberries”.
She has a BM every other day or every three days and lately most are caught in her potty. We have been able to go a few weeks without a dirty diaper a few times!
More than 50% of the time Olives goes potty immediately after putting her on the potty.
Olive is super gassy! Thankfully it doesn’t seem to upset her most of the time.

And… 27 photos of Olive:

four months-67

four months-66

four months-65

four months-64

four months-61

four months-58

four months-56

four months-55

four months-54

four months-53

four months-51

four months-47

four months-43

four months-41

four months-40

four months-37

four months-35

four months-34

four months-33

four months-31

four months-27

four months-25

four months-19

four months-15

four months-14

four months-11

four months-10

The End! Congrats if you read the entire post & looked at all of the photos. :)

  1. Meri said:

    Shes such a cute little pumpkin- I love her big eyes :) Now you have to make a visit to the Minneapolis site!

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