sweet home chicago.

We’re heading to my hometown for this weekend so don’t expect any posts until next week. I may have time to squeeze a couple in but I can’t guarantee…

We’re going to Six Flags with Tyler’s little brother and sister (we’re so excited!) while my mom and Tyler’s mom watch Olive. Tyler and I used to have season passes to Six Flags. We miss it a bunch!  We’ll also be going to my dad’s family’s annual family picnic which will include many more introductions to Olive.We’re going to a Cubs game and showing Olive around Chicago. And then we’re be driving back to MN.

Guess what we’ll be driving home in?




Our new silver 2002 VW Golf! Yippie! We got it today and its so cute! :) The couple that we bought it from seemed so neat and had the most wonderful home that the father designed and built many years ago. I would love to grow up and be just like them. They took wonderful care of the car and only put 66,000 miles on it. After listing it for sale the “check engine” light unfortunately turned on which resulted in the car getting a new water pump as well as a timing belt and a few other things while they were in there. He did all of these repairs before selling it to us – how nice! :) The drivetrain is also warrantied until 100,000 miles. Neat! Aaaand he said to give them a call if the car gives us any trouble in the near future.

What kind of car do you have? This is my first non-Ford car and I’m excited to see how it goes!

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  1. Deidre said:

    I don’t own a car and just use public transport which I love.

    When I lived in the US I used to drive a toyota 4 runner which I loved, his name was Oliver. we had some good times together, but unfortunately, he died last year. It was tragic.

    were I to get a car, I think i’d look into a VW golf. I hear they get great gas mileage!

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