new fence project, part 2.

This morning I went golfing with Brooke. It was my first time. I really liked it and am eager to go again! Though I woke up with some major shoulder pain, most likely do to a sleeping mishap. I also didn’t sleep well – stayed up late, couldn’t fall asleep, it was hot, someone was shooting off fireworks from 1:45- 2:30, and baby wanted to eat a million times. Next time I go golfing I would love to be well rested and pain free. And maybe the day can be a little cooler than today. And cloudy. That is my perfect golfing day.

We just made cookies. :) And I just had some coffee because I didn’t have any this morning and it was, for some reason, bothering me.

On to the fence…

We knew the fence was in terrible shape. I was half expecting us to take down one panel and have the rest fall down. In spots it was actually close to happening – one of us had to hold up the next section as the previous section was removed. We found fence posts sitting on top of concrete footings, sitting next to concrete footings, and some without concrete footings. We found concrete and bricks in strange places. We found a lot of what you shouldn’t find in a functional fence. The demolition didn’t take long but there were a few holes with oddly shaped concrete chunks that took a while to remove. Joy was great at digging them out – in a few spots we had to wedge our shovels into the sides of the concrete and push down like crazy until the concrete lifted up. Did I mention it was very hot outside? And we don’t have air conditioning?

Here are some photos of our fence demolition:

We had tons of weeds growing next to the fence. As the panels were removed I tackled the weeds. I neglected them this year since I knew we were getting a new fence.

We now have a pile of old fence in our backyard. I’m hoping to get a chance to build planters and outdoor furniture like benches and tables with some of the weathered wood. Hopefully.

Up next: Olive eating some avocado, Olive & me, and fence building prep.

  1. Meri said:

    Looks very gratify to tear something down like that- I dream of these things haha!

  2. Deidre said:

    Love that you want to reuse the wood, I think that’s absolutely great!

  3. Suzzie said:

    wow that sounds like a fun adventure to taken together! Love it!

  4. thanks for entering my giveaway! hope you return for some fun reads! xoxo mindy

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