jumping bean.

If Olive were a bean she’d be of the jumping variety.

I must have bounced too often while pregnant.

Maybe I spent too much time sitting on a yoga ball.

Or maybe it had something to do with the miserable Minnesota potholes I drove over a million times a day.

I bet it was the special needs kiddo hiphop class I participated in with Amanda and rhw.

Who knows.

All I know is: If Olive were a bean she’d be of the jumping variety.

Basically the little thing needs to bounce to fall asleep. So I’ve spent many hours of my life bouncing on our yoga ball. This was especially useful and/or terrible during Olive’s colicy phase. I was quite excited to introduce Olive to a Johnny Jump Up I found on Freecycle last autumn. Unfortunately I was reminded of the Johnny Jump Up a month or two after Olive’s little legs were able to support her weight.. so we could have been finding great amusement so much sooner. But oh well.

Olive loves the Johnny Jump Up. I’m amazed at how long she will stay in it. Sometimes I feel bad about how long she’ll stay in it.. but she really likes it! Sometimes I give her a cucumber slice, sometimes I give her some toys. Other times she watches me vacuum, wash the dishes, or cook dinner. It took her only a day or two to figure out and remember how to make herself bounce. Now she’s a pro. She just may become a professional pogo-stick-er.

It’s really funny to see her jump.

But the highlight of this Johnny Jump Up experience would be the time she fell asleep while jumping. Oh my goodness. You should have been there.

I had a few things hanging from the side that made a little “tap tap” sound as they hit the floor while she jumped. I was not facing her at the time but was very close and could hear the “tap tap”.

I heard it. “tap tap tap tap”

And then nothing.

And then “tap tap tap.”

And then nothing.

My little bug had her arms up on the tray folded over with her head tipped to the side and she was sleeping. SLEEPING.

This was the first time I had ever experienced Olive falling asleep unassisted. By unassisted I mean no bouncing in arms, no bouncing on ball, no adult assistance.

I nearly screamed!

Then then I heard “tap tap tap.”

And then nothing.





1 comment
  1. Meri said:

    awww cute pictures! I know the love of bouncing must be exhausting for you- but it sure sounds cute on this end!

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