six months old.

On August 20th, 2011 Olive turned 6 months old.  As you can see I’m rather late at getting around to this post.

On September 10th, 1985 I turned 6 months old. So maybe it’s okay to be posting this so late.. because today, 26 years ago, was my 6 month old day.

It’s a stretch, I know.

Warning: There are 30 photographs below. Thirty. I deleted 47.

Olive is wearing a little Tea Collection outfit that I absolutely adore. Tyler and I are wearing nothing worth mentioning.

A rare family portrait:
20110820-six months-3.jpg
Tyler doesn’t seem to enjoy photographs too much. He rarely smiles. And Honey is facing the wrong way. I tried.

20110820-six months-7.jpg

20110820-six months-10.jpg

20110820-six months-14.jpg

20110820-six months-18.jpg

20110820-six months-20.jpg

20110820-six months-22.jpg

20110820-six months-24.jpg

20110820-six months-27.jpg

20110820-six months-28.jpg

20110820-six months-29.jpg

20110820-six months-37.jpg

20110820-six months-39.jpg

20110820-six months-40.jpg

20110820-six months-45.jpg

20110820-six months-48.jpg

20110820-six months-53.jpg

20110820-six months-54.jpg

20110820-six months-57.jpg

20110820-six months-59.jpg

20110820-six months-61.jpg

20110820-six months-64.jpg

20110820-six months-67.jpg

Olive and her Popsicle:

20110820-six months-30.jpg

20110820-six months-31.jpg

20110820-six months-35.jpg

Olive and her Mom Mom (photographed by Tyler – thank you!):

My hair is dirty. Sorry.

20110820-six months-70.jpg

20110820-six months-75.jpg

20110820-six months-76.jpg

20110820-six months-77.jpg

Since we’re only 10 days away from Olive’s 7 month day and, hopefully soon to follow, post, I’m not going to say too much because I can’t really remember what was happening a few weeks ago.

A few days before August 20th Olive set out across the living room via the army style crawl. She’s still rocking that.. a little more quickly now.
Olive has consumed numerous types of food. American, Asian, Indian, Italian… and she’s had a great time. :)
We’re using lots of signs with her. The sign for “milk” gets her pretty excited.
She is soft. Oh so soft.


So which photo is your favorite? I’m not sure I can choose.. I’m bad at picking favorites, especially when there are so many to choose from.

  1. Oh they are all so good. The one of you all as a family is so very sweet but I think that the second one of Olive is my favorite! She is just so adorable and oh so photogenic!!

    • oneowl said:

      Thanks! I’m amazed at how photogenic she is! Though I delete the bad ones.. she does blink and make weird faces sometimes! :)

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