learning how to knit.

Quite a few years ago I bought some knitting needles and some yarn and then I immediately failed to learn how to knit. But the funny thing is.. I didn’t even try. That’s like ultimate failure. Then a few years ago I thought I’d try and after about 5 minutes of effort I got some yarn on a needle and stopped there. I referred to it as a caterpillar. Failure again. But not really failure either time because I couldn’t figure out.. just because I wasn’t even close to trying. I don’t even think it should count as trying.

I’ve always wanted to knit. I’ve always been envious of knitters. So… I finally learned!

Last night I spent a little bit of time looking around for a knitting video that made sense to me. After finding one and watching it with yarn and needles in hand I had myself a littler caterpillar again.

And then it turned into a line.

And from a line it turned into a stripe.

And now it looks something like this…

It’s still not anything. But it’s a knitted not anything. And it’s blue. And I made it. And I’m proud.

I encourage you to learn how to knit because:
– It’s so easy.
– You can make things for yourself.
– You can make things for others.
– You will never waste another minute of your life.

Let me elaborate for a minute about that last one. Sometimes when I learn or do something new I get a little (or a lot) bummed about how my life would have been so much better and/or different had I had this skill or knowledge previously. So think with me for a bit, if you will, about all of the times that I have had to sit and wait for something over the course of my life. Time spent on public transportion, being bored in class, in a doctor’s office, waiting for someone to get off of work, etc. I HAVE WASTED SO MUCH OF MY LIFE. If I would have known how to knit I could have been knitting. I could have been accomplishing something.

So. Let me recover from being upset about wasting my life…

Okay. Now I will look forward to all of the neat things I will be able to knit, especially while waiting for things. Like today while I waited for Olive to wake from a car nap while running errands. I worked on my stripe until it no longer resembled a strip. Progress!

Click here to see the video that helped me a bunch.

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  1. I love to knit but have fallen out of practice. :) Thanks for inspiring me to start it up again!

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