ten months old.

Olive turned ten months old last month. Well, last year I suppose! Christmas, editing for frost on flower, friends in town, and our holiday travel slowed me down a bit and I’ve only gotten to editing these photos and sorting out my thoughts now. Forgive me? :)

Here are Olive’s ten month photos (as usual.. there are a lot!!)… She’s wearing an old dress and pair of shoes of mine. :) She’s also reading one of my books in a few of the photos. There are a few “classic” Olive shots that I had to include with her arm outstretched reaching for something or pointing at something.

20111221-ten months-100.jpg

20111221-ten months-98.jpg

20111221-ten months-95.jpg

20111221-ten months-92.jpg

20111221-ten months-88.jpg

20111221-ten months-84.jpg

20111221-ten months-82.jpg

20111221-ten months-80.jpg

20111221-ten months-77.jpg

20111221-ten months-71.jpg

20111221-ten months-69.jpg

20111221-ten months-67.jpg

20111221-ten months-65.jpg

20111221-ten months-62.jpg

20111221-ten months-61.jpg

20111221-ten months-58.jpg

20111221-ten months-57.jpg

20111221-ten months-53.jpg

20111221-ten months-51.jpg

20111221-ten months-48.jpg

20111221-ten months-47.jpg

20111221-ten months-46.jpg

20111221-ten months-45.jpg

20111221-ten months-44.jpg

20111221-ten months-42.jpg

20111221-ten months-40.jpg

20111221-ten months-39.jpg

20111221-ten months-37.jpg

20111221-ten months-34.jpg

20111221-ten months-33.jpg

20111221-ten months-30.jpg

20111221-ten months-28.jpg

20111221-ten months-26.jpg

20111221-ten months-24.jpg

20111221-ten months-22.jpg

20111221-ten months-21.jpg

20111221-ten months-18.jpg

20111221-ten months-14.jpg

20111221-ten months-90.jpg

At ten months Olive is very mobile. I’m surprised she’s not walking yet but she’s not yet comfortable with letting go of things which is just fine – she’ll do it when she’s ready.
At ten months she had six teeth, she now has seven.
Olive gives me kisses. :)
She won’t stop pointing at things! She points where she wants us to take her, she points at things she wants, she points to ask what things are. Point point point!
Olive can point to or look at things when you ask such as a light, her nose, a window, Honey, the ceiling, a wall, a penguin, etc.
She is still incredibly interested in food. Baby Led Weaning was definitely the right choice for our family.
A few days ago Olive signed potty and went right away when I put her on. Elimination Communication is going alright but we still miss a lot. Olive seems to go potty frequently and will go nearly every time she’s on the potty but doesn’t seem to feel the need to hold it in between potty trips.
We got a new baby carrier in December and we’ve both enjoyed using it.
Olive’s sock fell off (as they often do) and Tyler asked her to get it.. so she crawled to it and picked it up. He then asked her to bring it to him so he could put it on her.. and she did!
She had her first needle poke since her newborn screen done at birth. She needed a lead test as we’ve found that we have a large amount of lead dust in our home. We’re still waiting for the results.
Olive said “all done” while signing it once.
It’s possible that she tried to say “I love you” after giving me a kiss tonight.
Speaking of kisses.. Olive never used to enjoy getting kisses and certainly didn’t enjoy giving them. More recently she has become quite kissy when sleepy in the morning, before naps, and before bed. Because I often give her a kiss after saying “I love you” she now crawls over to me to and kisses me when I say “I love you Olive”. It’s pretty adorable.
Her sign vocabulary continues to grow although it’s rather slow going. Tyler and I aren’t introducing her to new signs or using signs as consistently as I’d like to. She picked up on “please” very quickly last week though. I signed “please” with her hand over hand and she was able to do it independently on my next verbal prompt. That was pretty cool. However since then please seems to come and go. If she wants something too badly she can’t seem to find the sign. Which is fine!
Olive is really great at matching pitch and I think she has a decent sense of rhythm so far.
She is becoming more purposeful in her play by the day.
She is very social – she waves and smiles and points at everyone.
Olive is very curious – she loves to crawl around the house and look at things that aren’t toys and climb into small spaces in which I cannot fit. Which also means that she’s quite independent. She will get upset occasionally when I leave her (especially if I leave her with a person). But if I leaver her to play or explore she’s generally fine with that. She will also leave me to explore other rooms. I only wish our house was safer so she could do this more easily and more often. We have stairs that are difficult to block and radient baseboard heaters that are not safe. As well as other nooks and crannies that aren’t safe.
She’s also getting bigger and gaining weight though I still feel like she’s so small – especially when she’s nursing!

As always I probably missed a bunch of things but that’s an overview of where Olive is at ten months old.

And here is a fun side by side of me and Olive. :)


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