oh gee. { or how i solved our leaky gdiaper problem }

To my dismay Olive’s gDiapers have been leaking. Not occasionally. Pretty much every. single. diaper.

Yeah. Frustrating to say the least. And probably incredibly confusing to Olive. I think I groaned or sighed or something each time I found her gPants wet. Sometimes just a little wet but sometimes a bunch. Like woah lets change your pants and everything you’ve sat on kind of bunch.

We are still doing Elimination Communication but we don’t catch every pee. And it seems that Olive pees A LOT. And often! She pees every five minutes or so during diaper free playtime.

So.. Do you use gDiapers? Does your baby pee a lot a lot? Do your gDiapers leak? Are you on a budget? Frugal? None of the above? Then read on. :)

We double stuff with gCloth at night. Olive doesn’t wake to pee because sleep is very serious business. She also pees often during her sleep. Double stuffing works just fine but double stuffing all the time would mean we have half as many diapers. At around $26 for 6 new gCloth we just can’t swing buying a bunch more right now. Or ever I guess.. If its not necessary. Some other cloths were recommended to me as well, but again, not in the budget.

So.. Double stuff and wash diapers daily? Live with the frustration and deal with the leaks? Switch to disposables (the thought crossed my mind for about 23 seconds)? A new cloth system (NOT in the budget)?

But wait! Before Olive was born we were gifted quite a few Gerber brand cloth diaper things. Funny how people gave them to us after hearing we were cloth diapering but no one gave us any gDiaper stuff despite having specifically asked for it. Oh well. I ended up returning/exchanging a lot because we received too many. I held onto one pack of prefolds and one pack of gauze flatfolds to use for burp cloths. Olive rarely spit up and when she did it was never too bad so many of the clothes were forgotten in a drawer. We’ve been using the prefolds as cloths to clean Olive up after meals as they’re super absorbent but the gauze flatfolds were forgotten. They’re very thin and kind of big. Just weird.

Until now!

Giant gauze flatfold weird thing:

Fold in half:

Tri-fold, like a letter:

Put flat into the liner:

Put a gCloth on top:

And there you go!

Here is a side by side comparison of a flatfold & gCloth (on the left) compared to a doubled stuffed gCloth. Double stuffed is certainly more bulky. And more expensive.


Next time I’m out I’m going to pick up another pack. A quick search showed me a 12 pack at Babies R Us for $16.99. Much better than around $54 for 12 more new gCloths.

No more leaks! Yessssss. :)

  1. Amanda said:

    I also like to use “flour sack towels” they are the same size as a flat diaper. I bought somebon clearance at Target, 3 for $1.98. They were even cute colors, red, orange and stripe. A cheap way to add to you cloth diaper, and they can also be folded and pinned or snappi’ed.

    • oneowl said:

      Thats a great (and cheap!) idea. :)

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