elimination diet. { update }

It’s already time for another elimination diet update!

Last night, in celebration of Brooke‘s birthday, I had a slice of cheesecake. I was intending to sacrifice myself and enjoy it, despite the sugar, since I’m aware that sugar most certainly causes some ankle stiffness and other joint aches. Knowing that going into a little sugar now and then isn’t terrible. I was hoping to avoid the oreo crust since it contains gluten but this was a unique cheesecake the crust was on top and wasn’t as solid of a crust as you’re most likely used to. There wasn’t a solid division between the cake and the crust so I just ate it. Later I read the recipe and found that there was also flour in the cheesecake part so avoiding the crust wouldn’t have been worth the trouble anyway.

So… I had gluten. What happened?

Last night my fingers got pretty swollen and stiff a couple of hours after eating the cheesecake. When I woke this morning they were still puffy and stiff. I also felt about 20 years older walking down the stairs this morning.

It’s hard to say what did what since I ate both sugar AND gluten, but it’s clear that something bothered me and there were more symptoms that what I have previously attributed to sugar.

So I’ll soon be eating something with gluten (something really worth it… like naan on my birthday possibly? :) ) and will report back with any symptoms I may have.

I did a little googling this morning and found quite a few people linking gluten consumption to swollen fingers/water retention. Interesting stuff!

Again, I encourage you to look into what you’re eating if you have any ailments whatsoever. It’s not very challenging to try an elimination diet and if you find that avoiding something makes you feel better it is so very worth it.


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