spring fever!

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If you know me you know that I love practical things, especially gifts. I hate the idea of scrounging something up simply to fill the obligation of giving a gift. I’ve received too many of those types of gifts in my life and I’m determined to not give them.  It’s a waste of the gift giver’s money and the recipient is left trying to figure out a use for the gift or if it would be right to pass it on to someone else.  The situation has led to many internal struggles on my part.. 

I thought I would share with you this neat idea for a very practical gift!  Flowers are a lovely thing to give but I’m really not very interested in buying something that is so temporary.  They’ll last a couple of days.. if you’re lucky maybe a week.. and then poof – they’re long gone and forgotten.  But what about a living flower?  Have you ever given or received a potted bulb?  It’s such a great idea!  Especially with Easter and Mother’s Day right around the corner.


The recipient can enjoy the flower when it blooms in their home and keep it growing all year long!  It can even be planted outdoors!  I really love that idea!


It can also be a great family project or a science lesson. A potted bulb inside your home can be tended to by the kids and checked for progress daily!

For example, during the Easter season you can plant bulbs in your home in colorful Easter baskets, in festive egg shaped planters, or in any planter you may have that matches your home with plastic Easter eggs as accents!  And after the holiday is over you can transplant the bulb outdoors.

If you’re interested potted bulbs are available everywhere – I’m sure you’ve seen them at your local grocery store in the floral section.  Of course you can also find them at garden centers and flower shops.. and even online!

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  1. I love the lift I get from buying cut flowers, but I prefer to buy plants. However, I am really bad at taking care of them. Corey is pretty good at taking care of plants so I bought a blooming succulent plant (calandiva I think?) last week and am crossing my fingers haha

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