mckinley CSA week two


This week’s share from McKinley CSA in north Minneapolis, Minnesota includes napa cabbage, mustard greens, rhubarb, snow peas, spring onions, as well as more bok choy and salad turnips. Mint was a part of this week’s large share but it wasn’t in my box – oops!

Also pictured is a bag of very small lettuce mix – I thinned this while working today and was happy to take it home! I really don’t like thinning things… it makes me feel… mean. So this way I’ll put it to use. :)

Here are photos of the front and back of the t-shirt that I mentioned last week:


Today I worked. I began the day by waking up at 7:30 when Olive woke up. I went into her room to nurse her but I was still really tired. She has a floor bed so I was laying there while she was playing, then coming back to nurse, then playing, etc. I kept almost falling asleep and she could tell – she would come over and lay with me every so often. Eventually we did fall asleep. And I had a dream that I was late to my CSA shift. And then I woke up exactly when I was planning to leave the house. So I quietly left Olive’s room, made breakfast, grabbed a few things, and headed out the door and arrived late to my CSA shift. ha.

I started by photographing some volunteers and staff working in a plot down the street from the CSA headquarters. It turns out one of the million houses we looked at before buying this one is directly between that plot and the new CSA building. Also just a few blocks away from two of the main CSA staff. I feel kind of bummed now… that would have been a neat place to live! It was nice to see the house again – I forgot how similar it is to our current house! It sounds like a couple in their mid to late 20s moved in. I saw a couple of cats resting the windows. The paint is peeling.. just like our house. And the new residents planted some flowers.

After photographing for a bit I worked with Jud to clean up some dirt from the sidewalks around the plot and we began transplanting teeny tiny baby lettuce while talking about basically every topic under the sun, including our lovely little daughters.

I’m really happy to have a phone with a camera now so I can more easily share a photo of our produce with you. Last year I attempted to photograph our CSA box each week but with the lens I had on my big camera and having to upload, edit, whatever it… I kind of dropped the ball. My phone makes it SO much easier. :)

How did I use last week’s share?

I sautéed the turnips and their greens and ate as a side with baked tilapia.
I made a skillet dinner with the bok choy and mushrooms.
I made stir fry with the pea shoots and more bok choy. I also added sugar snap peas from the farmer’s market.
I bought spinach at the farmer’s marker and used a lot of the green garlic and garlic scapes to make spinach and garlic soup.
I sautéed the swiss chard and some onions and scrambled some local eggs to pile on top for a nice breakfast yesterday.
We munched on the radishes.
Last night I made a big salad with the lettuce mix for a solo dinner. I topped it with apple, mango, and avocado.
The onions and garlic made it into nearly every meal.

We still have a little lettuce mix and a few mushrooms that I’m using tomorrow night.

  1. Thanks for linking up! Your haul looks delicious. Love seeing those japanese turnips! My fav :)

    • oneowl said:

      Last week’s share was my first time trying them. They’re great! :)

  2. Tammy said:

    Your soup sounds really good to me.

  3. Anonymous said:

    CSAs are so fab. And I love that vintage fabric you photographed on!

    Are you on Flickr? You should join the Farmer’s Market Hauls pool! Good for CSAs, too.

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