weekend head shot session { frost on flower }

I had a really enjoyable session on Saturday. I particularly enjoy head shot and single portrait sessions. I like the time devoted to getting to know someone, photographing them, and then replaying our conversations and what I learned about them when editing and viewing the photos. It’s a really neat experience.

This gentleman is new to the Twin Cities and is getting back into acting. In fact he has an audition tomorrow so I speedily uploaded and edited his photos so he would be able to choose a head shot in time. In order to speed things up I skipped my final review of the photos where I cut out a significant number. So he was left with quite a few to look through but at least they were in his hands on time! :)

The morning was quite rainy but for the most part the rain stopped just before our session and there was a perfect amount of overcast for our time together.

As always I’ve chosen some photos to share. Have you noticed that I share a lot? It’s often really difficult for me to choose just a few! I find this especially difficult when I spend time getting to know my subjects because each photo begins to take on a significant meaning to me and they each tell a story. This makes deleting and narrowing down a significant challenge. So I believe I have 15 to share with you. :)

I would love to have more opportunities to take head shots and emotional/thoughtful portraits of people. Any ideas?

















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