intimate wedding in brooklyn center. { frost on flower }

Almost two weeks ago I photographed a very intimate wedding at the Earle Brown Heritage Center in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

 Both the bride and groom flew in from out of state for their wedding day which made their wedding day the first day I met them! I typically prefer to schedule a face to face meeting with my wedding clients before their wedding and at their venue, if possible. But when working with out of state clients this, of course, is rarely possible.

I toured the venue the day before with the wedding coordinator so I knew that two other weddings were taking place there on the same day but when I spotted the bride I was sure she was the one. :)

We introduced each other and got to work – our time together was short and the weather wasn’t overly conducive to a bride in a wedding dress.

 Here are a few of my favorites:


There is a big fountain on the Center grounds and just as we headed over there for photos the sun came out from behind the clouds. We eventually found ourselves in a decent lighting situation but the wind was blowing sprinkles on us from the fountain. It made for a few neat photos. :)



These were possibly the only few trees left with trees in all of the Twin Cities metro area.














The bride made genealogy trees for both herself and the groom.  During the ceremony their mothers were asked to come up and place them on the mantel.


The ceremony was quick, to the point, emotional, and quite entertaining.  :)





They literally tied the knot. :)


And sealed it with a kiss!


Congratulations!!  :)



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