I made two onesies the other night for a baby shower gift. In an attempt to be frugal and personal I thought I would whip something up. I already had a few plain white 0-3 mo onesies laying around and more fabric and fabric scraps than I would like to admit.

I know that I didn’t do these “correctly”. I really can’t say how well they will hold up – honestly my hopes aren’t too high. But babies don’t wear things for very long and I mentioned in the card to take extra good care of them.. just in case. :)

As always I didn’t do any planning. I grabbed some fabric and the scissors and while cutting I was trying to think of what I was cutting. My brain is in crazy fast mode. Hopefully in say.. five years.. it’ll slow down.

So even though I don’t think these will last forever and I didn’t put in a huge amount of effort.. I think they’re cute and I thought I would share. I should probably learn how and buy the supplies for making these “correctly”. Someday. It’s on my list. ha.






(sorry for the dark photos – it was nighttime)


Today I made sugar scrub! Brown Sugar Vanilla Sugar Scrub! Big thanks to my friend Melanie for making sugar scrub herself and saying something that intrigued me on twitter. :)

Melanie gave me her recipe and I also read a bunch online and settled on one of my own and headed to the store.

Yesterday Olive and I went to Costco for most of the ingredients since everything comes in such large packages there and I was planning to make a bunch of sugar scrub! Midday on a Friday Costco was absurdly packed… I couldn’t even parking the parking lot. Olive and I found a spot by Home Depot, I got her situated in our Ergo carrier and we made the cold trek to Costco. Inside we knew exactly what we needed and exactly where we were going but got stuck behind globs of people too many times to count. We grabbed a few needed items (organic heavy cream for butter making and organic eggs!) and the ingredients for the sugar scrub.

You’ll need:
Brown Sugar
Regular Granulated Sugar
Oil (I used Olive but you can use whatever you like.. Other oils may not smell as strong as Olive)
(Wait, I just capitalized olive when I shouldn’t have.)
Vanilla Extract

Chances are you already have each of these things in your cupboard! I did.. But like I said I was planning to make a lot so I didn’t want to run out of anything.

One “serving” of Brown Sugar Vanilla Sugar Scrub is:
2 Cups Brown Sugar
1 Cup Granulated Sugar
1 Cup Oil
1 Tablespoon Vanilla Extract

I reused all of my jars (which I suggest you do, too)! So I started by soaking them well to get the labels off.

Mix the sugars in a bowl until combined and try to get out as many lumps as possible.

Once combined add both the oil and the vanilla extract and mix until completely combined.

Put it into jars that seal tightly and.. there you go!

I’ll decorate the jars a little bit… like this?

This is all of the sugar scrub I made – hooray! (This was a total of four “servings”)

The granulated sugar and the olive oil that I used are both organic. Coscto doesn’t offer organic brown sugar or vanilla extract but if they did I would have used it. Of course organic isn’t necessary in this situation but when putting something all over my skin I would rather it be as pure and simple as possible. So more than 50% of this is pesticide free.. so that’s nice. :)

Use the sugar scrub to exfoliate your skin, especially your knees and elbows! :)

This is a great, quick, and inexpensive gift. It’s also a great gift to have on hand “just in case” when someone gets you a gift and you didn’t get something for them!

Enjoy! And let me know how it turned out if you tried it yourself!

I didn’t get to work on the idea of handmade Christmas quickly enough this year but I’ve had a few successful projects. Some of these projects I should not share with you until after Christmas though.

But I can tell you about the wonders of toilet paper rolls and also of brown paper.

Cut the toilet paper and paper towel rolls and use the rings for all kinds of projects! I cut slits and poked holes to string them on yard and make garland!

If you know me in real life or on twitter you may know that I chose not to decorate this Christmas due to a lead dust issue in our house. A complicated story but just no that there were no Christmas decorations in our house until this toilet paper roll thing happened. Free, thrifty, fun! :)

I also used toilet paper rolls to aid in decorating Christmas gifts along with brown paper filler that was included in some boxes from Amazon.

A bit THANK YOU to Amazon and to toilet paper for making this Christmas possible… affordable… fun… and a little handmade. :)

Quite a few years ago I bought some knitting needles and some yarn and then I immediately failed to learn how to knit. But the funny thing is.. I didn’t even try. That’s like ultimate failure. Then a few years ago I thought I’d try and after about 5 minutes of effort I got some yarn on a needle and stopped there. I referred to it as a caterpillar. Failure again. But not really failure either time because I couldn’t figure out.. just because I wasn’t even close to trying. I don’t even think it should count as trying.

I’ve always wanted to knit. I’ve always been envious of knitters. So… I finally learned!

Last night I spent a little bit of time looking around for a knitting video that made sense to me. After finding one and watching it with yarn and needles in hand I had myself a littler caterpillar again.

And then it turned into a line.

And from a line it turned into a stripe.

And now it looks something like this…

It’s still not anything. But it’s a knitted not anything. And it’s blue. And I made it. And I’m proud.

I encourage you to learn how to knit because:
– It’s so easy.
– You can make things for yourself.
– You can make things for others.
– You will never waste another minute of your life.

Let me elaborate for a minute about that last one. Sometimes when I learn or do something new I get a little (or a lot) bummed about how my life would have been so much better and/or different had I had this skill or knowledge previously. So think with me for a bit, if you will, about all of the times that I have had to sit and wait for something over the course of my life. Time spent on public transportion, being bored in class, in a doctor’s office, waiting for someone to get off of work, etc. I HAVE WASTED SO MUCH OF MY LIFE. If I would have known how to knit I could have been knitting. I could have been accomplishing something.

So. Let me recover from being upset about wasting my life…

Okay. Now I will look forward to all of the neat things I will be able to knit, especially while waiting for things. Like today while I waited for Olive to wake from a car nap while running errands. I worked on my stripe until it no longer resembled a strip. Progress!

Click here to see the video that helped me a bunch.

Finally! I present to you my long awaited, much overdue, post about how I made two mobiles for Olive out of yarn and other things. :)

First, I hunted through my craft room and realized that I didn’t have very interesting yarn color choices. I asked Brooke if I could borrow some of her yarn and she let me borrow a big bag full. :)

I looked around online for ways to make yarn puff balls.. or as most people call them “pom-poms”. I prefer “puff ball”. I settled on the following method and after a few tries streamlined the process a bit.

How to make a puff ball:

Cut out two cardboard doughnut shapes with a slit and a notch cut in each one. They can be any size. The diameter of the cardboard doughnut will be the approximate diameter of your puff ball.



Put the cardboard pieces back to back so it looks like you have only one.




Start on one side of the slit cut into the cardboard and wrap the yarn around. Wrap yarn over the end piece so it doesn’t come undone – you don’t need to do anything fancy.. just wrap yarn over it a couple of times. Do not wrap the yarn too tight as you will need it to give slightly when you cut it off the cardboard later.



Wrap the yarn all the way around the cardboard until you reach the other end of the slit then backtrack. The thicker you put the yarn on the more dense your puff ball will be.



I wrapped my yarn around until I couldn’t really see the cardboard anymore. But again, that’s totally up to you.. it just determines the density of your puff ball.



This is why your yarn needs to have a little give. Cut between the two cardboard pieces all the way around. If your yarn is wound too tight you won’t be able to get the scissors in.  Be careful here so that all of your little yarn pieces don’t fall out. If they do, pretend they are caterpillars.



Cut a piece of yarn and put it between the two cardboard pieces. Tie it and then tie it again on the opposite side. And again if you’re afraid that your little yarn caterpillars will wiggle out.



And voila! A puff ball!




Here are some photos of the puff balls being all cute in a row as well as photos of the finished products.
There are two mobiles – one is a circle and the other is a wavy line.
The top part is copper jewelry wire that I bought at a garage sale when I was in high school.
In the photos they are hanging on the ceiling fans in our living room.

The wavy line is now in Olive’s room above her changing table. She really likes to look at it!
The circle is still on the fan in the living room. It’s on the fan that is above our rug where we spend a lot of time every day. It’s supposed to go above her crib but she doesn’t spend much time there!

The end! Let me know if you have any questions about the process. It’s super easy and very fast! I made the puff balls while talking on the phone, reading blogs, and while in the car.  These would be great to make for your own home – with our without baby – or as gifts!  :)

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