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It’s wonderful to have an oasis like the Como Conservatory in St. Paul, Minnesota to visit in the midst of the winter months. While winter weather still hasn’t fully arrived yet (it seems to be rather late this year), outdoor photos aren’t often an option. It’s chilly outside, it may be snowing or raining, and most people would rather not brave the elements.

For a small fee Como Conservatory allows a photographer to photograph up to two people for thirty minutes in the various Conservatory garden rooms. I visited there about two weeks ago with this nice couple who will be getting married next year. We quickly made the rounds in the gardens and were able to capture some great moments and it looks like we went somewhere pretty exotic and warm. :)








Congratulations! I cannot wait to photograph the wedding!! :)

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Friday night I got a new lens and on Saturday I got to try it out with a great couple, Sara & Ben. After about 20 minutes of searching for parking at Como Park we met up and had a great time! I snapped nearly 300 photos of the couple in the Como Conservatory as well as in Como Park. The weather was wonderful (which led to the parking issue!) – Spring has finally arrived in the Twin Cities!

I sifted through the photos and narrowed it down to 57. This is an area needing significant improvement – I am t e r r i b l e at deleting photos. And to make it worse I could only upload 9 to my flickr. Tough stuff!

Without further ado, here they are!










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