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Finally!  Another Friday Fancies!  :)

I’m keeping it simple this week because what Tyler & I currently fancy is pretty simple. We have yet to find a new (used) car, you see. We’ve looked and we can just can’t seem to find what we want within our budget (which is rather small). There is another prospect that we’re going to view tonight. It’s more than we want to spend but it’s well taken care of, has low miles, and is only being sold because the owner can no longer drive due to a handicap. Is it bad that I want to buy it from him because I feel bad that he can no longer drive due to some unfortunate circumstance? Because that’s kind of why I want to buy it. Though buying it would involve another small loan from my dad. Bah.

Here it is…. a 2002 VW Golf!

It doesn’t have to be a 2002, but we’ve seen a lot of them around. It doesn’t have to be blue. It must have cruise control and 4 doors. A sunroof would be wonderful.  Manual and diesel would be even better!

This is what we fancy on this fine Friday. Hopefully we’ll find one before our trip to Illinois next weekend – it’d be nice to have our own vehicle rather than needing to rent one again. Especially because our trip will be cut short by a day if we rent!

What do you fancy this Friday? Anything neat??


Well, it’s actually Saturday. Nine minutes into Saturday. I’m here to apologize for not posting my Friday fancies this week. It’s been a hectic week with the car issues and getting prepared for a weekend away and now being away. I’ll get back on track next week and have an extra good Friday fancies post! Sorry! :(

I almost forgot!  It’s Friday! :)

I made a mobile for Olive this week. But I think I like it more than she does. I’ll post the details and some photos soon! Keeping with my mobile thoughts of late, here are some wonderful mobile’s found on etsy.

Big Dipper Baby Mobile, Medium, in Lime Breeze from The Wonderland Studio in Massachusetts. $46

Made to order Owl Mobile from the EvelynX Gift Shop in California. $60

Tennessee Autumn Stylized Leaf Mobile from Moon Lily Mobiles in Colorado. $198

vela multi from The Starcraft. $78

Felted Wool Mobile – Pea Shoot from Sqrl & Bee Studio. $70

Um.  My mobile is not as cute as these.  Oh dear.

Happy Friday!  :)

Welcome to my first Friday Fancies post! Starting today I will (hopefully) be telling you each Friday about a few things that have tickled my fancy as of late.

Today I’m sharing with you a few things that have recently caught my eye that would be perfect for Mother’s Day. As I am a new momma this is my very first Mother’s Day and I would be so pleased to receive any one of these things from my little baby (or.. husband..).

One of these little hand stamped rings with my darling Olive’s name printed on it would be wonderful. I think I would enjoy a tiny size and would wear it on my pinky finger. The ring is 1/8 inch wide and has a matte finish – which I love. It comes from Amy Peter’s Studio.

Speaking of stamped silver – a save the date with Olive’s birthday would be nice! This save the date is from The Silver Diva on etsy.

There are many nest necklaces around on etsy but this one in particular caught my eye because the pearls are Olive. Ideally a nest necklace with a single Olive pearl in the middle would be perfect, don’t you think? This necklace is from Sunshine Jewls.

Obviously with a new baby around the focus has been on her rather than my husband & me. The focus is on her clothing, her hygiene, her bedroom – much more than our own. Using this stencil on the wall behind our bed would be a wonderful improvement to the room and freshen it up a bit. I think we would both like it. You can see many more stencils at Royal Design Stencils’ etsy shop.

This has nothing to do with being a mommy – I just love these vintage shoes from Lisa Zain.

This nursing top from Replicca is gorgeous. I would love one and I’m sure Olive would, too. :)

A wet bag for dirty cloth diapers and dirty clothes when out and about would be very useful. This one from Monkey Foot Designs is super cute and a great size!

Speaking of bags I’ve had my eye on these organic snack bags from Bebeloosh Mini for quite a while. I think they would be useful for the entire family – and the environment! :) Happy Earth Day by the way!

And lastly, ohmygoodness, I NEED a red Kitchen Aid mixer. Seriously.

So what do you fancy on this fine Friday?

(Next week I’ll have a fine little Friday Fancies image to share so you can share what you fancy, too!)

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