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Oh hi. I’ve been busy. :)





I can’t remember what I’ve made with this. Lots of things. The kale is often used in Dal. The corn is often cooked in the oven along with some small potatoes and chicken sausage. Everything else is pretty varied.

Our garden is giving us entirely too many zucchini and cucumbers. Both of which you see we aslo get from our CSA share. The zucchini is used in place of pasta for simple dishes and lasagna, as well as in fajitas and for brownies. Lately I’ve been juicing cucumbers and drinking the juice as well as making popsicles with it. But the popsicles are tiny. I need more molds to keep up! Our garden has recently started giving us ripe tomatoes. A million, to be exact. I’m borrowing a dehydrator and hoping to do something useful with some tomatoes and zucchini.

Our jungle of a garden:


A giant zucchini:


Olive, quite seriously, enjoying her first corn on the cob:



Olive enjoyed her first garden experience a couple of days ago. Last year she was with me in our ring sling and in her rocker while I packed CSA shares for our local urban CSA and witnessed our own backyard garden grow and erupt in a volcano of tomatoes – but she wasn’t really actively involved in either of those things. Save for sucking on a carrot or a fresh green at the CSA.

We’ve been blessed with unseasonably amazing weather in Minnesota lately (I think it’s a ploy by the state to try to keep us here. Not working, but it’s nice.) so it’s been time to get to work on the yard and garden. I can’t commit too much time to either of these things as we have a lot of work to do inside our house before the county does some lead abatement and when they’re done we have to get to work on the outside of the house. It’s a deal… they do some stuff if we do some stuff. So I’m trying to be speedy with the garden and multitask as usual (which probably makes me mess up more or do things slower in the long run.. but I have some serious multitasking tendencies that I just can’t shake).

Last year I spread some compost as well as a billion unused tomatoes over the garden plot and covered it with the leaves and grass clippings from the last time I mowed the lawn after tilling. This year I’m working a little at a time to till the leaves and break up the soil. My dad brought his rototiller up for us to use but I’ve heard numerous times that they kill the worms and good stuff. So I’m doing it by hand which really isn’t all too terrible (though a little more challenging with a baby strapped to my back).

I got about a row into tilling when Olive decided to jump in to help. :)


As always she just jumped right in. Olive doesn’t seem to show much hesitation for things that I would expect her to. She’s usually pretty interested in new people and new food. She was all about a mechanical noise making Elmo doll at the store the other day – her first experience with a toy of that kind. And in the garden she was like “hey dirt!!!” when I would have anticipated a little reservation. And seriously.. the Elmo toy? LOVED it – no hesitation, no fear.




At about this time I said “ummmm maybe you should take a bath.”



And another vintage dress with legwarmers followed that. :)

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