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It’s so hard to pick just one. But I’m partial to this photo from Brooke & Scott‘s wedding. :)



20111221-ten months-67.jpg

This is a photo of Olive that I took the day she turned 10 months old in December. This week’s I Heart Faces theme is “by the book”.. and must include.. a book! The book that she’s “reading” is Lucy and Tom’s Christmas, it was mine when I was a kid. She is also wearing an old dress that was mine and a pair of black shoes as well.


Just for kicks here is a side-by-side of Olive and I wearing the same dress:


I can’t help but giggle. :)


I got a new lens for Christmas and was trying it out.. playing around at my mom’s house while Tyler showed my mom some things on the laptop that we had just given her. Olive was playing around and being cute (as always) at their feet. But (as always) once she realized I was taking photos she came over for a peek. I just love her curious face and hand in the corner. :)


This is my second time entering an I Heart Faces photo challenge.

This week’s theme is “Let Them Be Little”. You may think this is a wonderful theme for me since I’m a photographer and I have a little baby. But that actually makes it much more difficult… I have entirely too many photos to choose from! Oh my!

So I’m going out on a limb and just using a photo taken with my iPhone rather than with my DSLR. I love this photo so much. I just can’t help entering it! :)


This is my first ever entry into an I Heart Faces photo challenge. I suppose it’s kind of amusing that the focus is not faces this week nor is a face required to be seen in the photo.

I’m a bit busy this week so I haven’t searched too hard for that perfect hand shot but I really do love this photo of Olive holding one of her Baltic amber teething necklaces. She loves to play with them nearly as much as she loves wearing them!

What cute little hands she has.. :)


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