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Over the weekend I had the pleasure of showing my photos that were on display earlier this year at the FLOW Northside Arts Crawl in conjuction with McKinley CSA’s set up at the Urban Agriculture hub at the Open Streets Harvest Festival on Lowry Ave in north Minneapolis.

(there is so much information in that sentence!)

For the bulk of the event I stayed in my tent or the CSA’s tent next door but had a chance to do some exploring when Tyler and Olive came to visit for lunch, a treat, and to take advantage of some of the activities for children.

Here are a few photos from the day:



I offered $5 on the spot portraits in or near my tent.



I ran next door because I was super thirsty from biking with all of my things. After being inside for a few minutes and looking in about 20 different coolers I came out with a Vitamin Water – I could find regular water. After telling a few people that this crazy place doesn’t sell water Dana went in and managed to find some… very hidden… and a very small amount.


An example share.



The same mobile bike powered stage that was used at FLOW. Being towed to the other side of the festival in this photo.





Dana and Bill made a solar food dryer. It’s basically like a dehydrator but uses the sun’s heat. It also has a light in case the sun disappears on a cloudy day or at nighttime.




The EcoVillage and McKinley CSA has a frisbee golf course set up around the pocket farm sites.



A live demo using mushrooms that can be purchased as an add on to CSA shares.




Some of my booth set up.  Twine & clothespins again.  :)



There was a great solar oven demo. This guy had four types of solar ovens.






Here is showing me where the focal point is more than 2000* – the stick instantly start smoking. Soup is being cooked in that pot. Dana and I enjoyed some blistering hot soup on a hot day a few hours later.




Jim showed up in a perfect shirt.




Olive kept telling us this was hot.



The West Indie food truck was parked across Lowry Ave from us. I waited nearly half the day for Tyler and Olive to show up so we could enjoy some jerk chicken and curry chicken together.




My set up was in one of the white tents to the right.



There were numerous stops for kids to take part in art activities up and down the avenue.




The festival took up a huge stretch of Lowry Ave N.  When I first heard about the festival it seemed too long.. who would travel the whole thing?  Throughout the day I noticed that there were huge gaps in hubs and quite a few people didn’t show up so there were open lots and tents like this.  Overall the event was really great but I do think it should have been more condensed.



Rejoicing in the open street.





Not the best quality photo but I love how it expresses her determination.


Oh, these two.


As you may know I showed some work at the FLOW Northside Artscrawl this summer in my neighborhood. I showcased photos of an urban CSA that I’ve been working with. I brought my camera along to document the day a bit and entered a few of my photos in a contest that FLOW is hosting.

The submitted photos have been narrowed down to 25, of which 2 are mine. The winners will receive a cash prize as well as the privilage of having their photos used in FLOW 2013 promotional materials.

I would appreciate it if you would stop by FLOW’s website and vote for your favorite three photos. If you’re curious, my photos are the first two (numbers 1 and 2) but I encourage you to look at all 25 and vote for your favorites.

Thanks!! :)

I do a work share at a local urban CSA in north Minneapolis. I help out with all kinds of things including photography, of course. This past weekend a couple of chefs from the Red Stag Supper Club set themselves up in a makeshift kitchen inside of the McKinley Community building and made numerous delicious meals using what they found in a share box.

I learned a lot, had a great time photographing, and got to sample some amazing food. :)












Oh hi. I’ve been busy. :)





I can’t remember what I’ve made with this. Lots of things. The kale is often used in Dal. The corn is often cooked in the oven along with some small potatoes and chicken sausage. Everything else is pretty varied.

Our garden is giving us entirely too many zucchini and cucumbers. Both of which you see we aslo get from our CSA share. The zucchini is used in place of pasta for simple dishes and lasagna, as well as in fajitas and for brownies. Lately I’ve been juicing cucumbers and drinking the juice as well as making popsicles with it. But the popsicles are tiny. I need more molds to keep up! Our garden has recently started giving us ripe tomatoes. A million, to be exact. I’m borrowing a dehydrator and hoping to do something useful with some tomatoes and zucchini.

Our jungle of a garden:


A giant zucchini:


Olive, quite seriously, enjoying her first corn on the cob:




This week’s share includes carrots, onions, beets, basil, green peppers, sweet corn, eggplant, and cabbage.  I was lucky enough to get more carrots and eggplant, as well as okra, kale, and a bouquet of flowers as extras!

In other vegetable news I finally figured out what the mystery squash growing in our garden is.

Drum roll…..

Peter Pan Pattypan!

And guess what?  It’s one of many mystery vegetables growing in our garden from last year’s compost.  Including tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and this squash!



Also I have to apologize for falling through in the what did I make with last week’s share portion of my CSA post.  I was thrown off one week when we had family in town and am now occasionally left with produce from the previous week’s share when I write the new post so it just seemed too difficult to continue.

Below you will find information about the 7th Annual FLOW Northside Arts Crawl.  I’ll be showing some work documenting what McKinley CSA has been up to thus far this year.  I’ll be in the Juxtaposition building at 1108 W. Broadway this Saturday from 2-8.  Come visit!  :)  My prints will also be for sale.

Since 2006, FLOW Northside Arts Crawl has become the premier art event in North Minneapolis.  Highlighting the uniqueness of the Northside community, this free, family event is a unique collaboration between the business and arts communities that showcases artists of all ages from the Northside. FLOW is a self-guided art tour featuring visual and performing artists at businesses, studios and organizations along West Broadway in North Minneapolis.

FLOW Northside Arts Crawl has been at the forefront of the cultural corridor work now happening throughout the metro area.  We have been ahead of the curve in such efforts as Pop-Up Galleries (see University Light Rail Project), Storefront Art (Whittier Neighborhood) and public art as part of the streetscape (NEA Plan-It Hennepin).  Come to West Broadway and witness the ongoing transformational impact that art has had on the avenue.

FLOW 2012 will focus on 3 clusters:

  • Logan Avenue N & West Broadway
  • Emerson Avenue N & West Broadway
  • North 2nd & West Broadway

Event Highlights Include:

FLOW Pedal Stage sponsored by CityPages – 

A full line up of bands and music will crawl along a half mile of N.2nd St looping from the Lundstrum Center for the Performing Arts to C. Caldwell Gallery & FLOW Artist Market to Mpls Center for Photography & Two Tigers      Gallery in the Northwinds Lofts Building.  Hop on a bike or walk along side as you make your way from site to site.

World’s Longest Soul Train Line – 

Obsidian Arts, KMOJ and FLOW invite you to join us on The Curve of West Broadway to break the Guinness World Record for the Longest Soul Train Line.  Part public art project, part community gathering, this record attempt seeks to bring 1000 people together to pay homage to the Soul Train Line – a particularly vibrant cultural artifact from the African American Tradition.  Bring your skates, your Soul Train era gear and your soulful attitude to this positive community art and culture project. Register here:

Storefront Art – 

Northside365 ( is a collaboration of photographers, amateurs and professionals, coming together to tell the story of north Minneapolis through a daily photo exhibit. The seven photographers from this photo project will have select images in storefronts on West Broadway between Bryant & Emerson Avenues

West Broadway Historic Walking Tour – 

The Free History Pin mobile app reveals historic photos of your current location and allows you to view them layered over the modern scene in front of you.  Look for the footprints on the sidewalk to see historic photos line up exactly with how things look today.

Photography Contest – 

Post your photos to FLOW Northside Arts Crawl’s Facebook page.  There will be an online vote to select the best images from this year’s event.  Winners receive a cash prize and their photo will be used in 2013 materials

KMOJ headliner Noel Gourdin – 

        7:00pm at the KMOJ Stage, Logan & West Broadway presented by Snapple & Cub Foods.  A gifted singer-songwriter, national sensation Noel Gourdin is influenced by classic soul as well as the contemporary sounds of R&B and Hip-Hop.

JXTA Expansion – 

1108, the newest addition to Juxtaposition Arts’ campus, will host performances in the intimate Moja Space and exhibit dozens of artists in the newly completed artist studios.

Summer Festival – 

KFAI radio & Cookie Cart team up again in the parking lot behind the bakery.  Enjoy music, cultural dance groups, climbing wall, The Minnesota Lynx, magician, art-making activities, bakery tours, the Smack Shack Food Truck     and of course, COOKIES!

BLO’s Beer Garden – 

Back in business after being closed for over a year due to damage by the 2011 Tornado, Broadway Liquor Outlet is back on Broadway.  Celebrate their reopening at the outdoor beer garden on Logan, right by the KMOJ Stage

The Historic Capri Theater – 

In addition to exhibiting visual art, The Capri will present a diverse lineup including the documentary film Cornerstones:  A History of North Minneapolis, Mu Performing Arts: Mu Daiko Taiko Drums and The Capri Big Band

Public Art – 

Dozens of pieces along West Broadway include vibrant murals, photo installations, sculpture, audio installations, façade improvements and art-in-real time.

Other elements of FLOW include:

Seven stages, spoken word, food trucks, musical theatre, emerging artists, live music, art making activities, free shuttle, art-in-real time, artist market, dance performances & artist studios.

MEDIA CONTACT: Dudley Voigt, FLOW Artistic Director,  651-274-9154

More Information available at    Photos available on request.

Come celebrate the Northside!

FACEBOOK: FLOW: Northside Arts Crawl


FLOW is an arts crawl that shines a light on the Northside community through the arts. It unites, celebrates and transforms in collaboration with the broader communities that surround us.

FLOW is produced by the West Broadway Business & Area Coalition.

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