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It’s been a while since I’ve done an Ups & Downs. Whoops.

(I seem to be uttering “whoops” a little too frequently lately)

This Ups & Downs will be Stream of Consciousness style. Stream of Consciousness posts seem to happen on Sundays, right? Well, I don’t seem to do things correctly these days sooooooohwell. I typed seem three times already. I need a thesaurus.

Down: This blog. I enjoy having this blog but I’m not good at posting regularly or consistently or accurately. I don’t like to proof read. I start a theme and let the ball drop a few weeks later. Whoops.

Up: We sold the Taurus last night. For less than we were asking but $600 is better than nothing. We took out a small loan from my dad to cover the Golf so this will help.

Down: We sold the Taurus. I never enjoyed it much but it had been my car since high school. Honestly I would probably be happy about getting it off our hands, especially getting some money for it, if it weren’t for the following Down…

Down: I’m getting a new cell phone number. We’re getting a family plan with Tyler’s brother, Joe, and his wife, Joy, on AT&T so we can FINALLY have grown up phones – iPhones! However, Chicago is on a different market than Iowa City & Minneapolis so my 630 area code has to go. That was my first phone number. From high school.

Double Down: Loosing my car and phone number over the course of two days.

Up: I’m going to have a funeral for my phone number. That should help.

Up: We really like our VW Golf. So do Olive & Honey.

Up: Our fence is looking great and really improves the overall look of our home. This is an extra Up as we’re hoping to sell our house in the not too distant future.

Down: Our fence isn’t done. But it’s close. But it’s not done.

Down: Back to the phone. I have to get a 612 area code, or maybe 651, or 952. I don’t even like here. I don’t want an area code from here. I like 630 more than 612 and 630 isn’t even than cool. 312..? 212? hum.

Up: We’re admitting that we don’t like it here.

Up: Even with an incomplete fence we can let Honey roam free in the backyard. What a great pup! Last week I actually witnessed her chase a squirrel to the end of the yard and then promptly STOP before setting paw on the driveway. What? I’m incredibly impressed. I assumed the one thing that would be sure to lure Honey away from the safety of our yard would be a squirrel. Good pup! :)

Up: Olive. She’s so cute. Yesterday she drank from Tyler’s water glass. She holds it correctly and slurps. It’s adorable. Though she gets soaked in the process of drinking. And later peed all over me.

Down: I got peed on three times yesterday.

Down: The internet and not getting things done. I have so many obvious things to do. Vacuum, wash dishes, paint walls, pull weeds, cut my nails, etc. And so many ideas getting locked inside my mind. Make Olive curtains, make Olive clothes, experiment with new bread recipes, etc. But I’m tired. And I’m overwhelmed. The larger my “to do” list becomes the less likely I am to do any of it. Especially when things on the list involve decluttering our house. I love to declutter, but the more cluttered everything becomes the more cluttered my mind becomes and the more stuck behind the piles of clutter I become. So when Olive naps I sigh and grab my mental to do list tightly in my fist.. and then walk past the computer.. and get lost.. because sitting feels so good. At least the television isn’t an issue. That feels even more mindless!

Down: We have too much stuff. Unfortunately a lot of that stuff came from family – family pictures, paintings, furniture. So I can’t get rid of it, can I? Should I feel so tied to material things? I don’t want to but I feel an obligation.

Up: I love our CSA. And making bread. And eating good food.

Do I have more Downs than Ups?

Up: I have more reviews of products from Swanson coming up. Woohoo!

Up: I like Tyler.

I’m not going to proof read this. I don’t like proof reading.

What are your Ups & Downs so far this week? Did you actually read all of this?


Maybe this will be a new Tuesday thing.  My ups & downs.  I’ll start with downs so we can end on a good note.

* Our car is leaking transmission fluid.
* Tomorrow morning I need to call around, pick out a place to have the car taken, call a tow truck, and cross my fingers that it gets fixed.
* We potentially need to rent a car to get to Olive’s baby shower that’s in Iowa on Saturday.
* I don’t like to talk about money. It makes me feel weird.
* Talking about money leads to other down thoughts such as: why did we buy this house? I wish I didn’t have this house. Why is this house in Minneapolis? And so on.
* I found a barely used lens on craiglist that I really really want. But it’s too expensive. Oh, there’s that money thing again.
* Our pup sheds too much this time of year – it makes me want to cry, scream, and send her to a distant relative’s home for approximately one month.
* I keep trying to make cookies but it keeps not happening.
* I’ve been really bad at reading blogs so far this week. And I’m behind on posting on my own.

* We’re not crazy about our car so maybe we could get a new one?
* Olive is having a baby shower on Saturday – or maybe a welcome Olive shower? What’s it called after the baby has arrived?
* We might get to rent a car for the weekend.
* The weather is nice.
* I won a store credit to Along for the Ride @ etsy on Much Love Illy’s blog today. At least my day started off lovely! I’ve decided to get some of these:

I’m really excited.

* Olive is cute.

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